• Do I have to know a lot of technology before I get started?

It helps. We like to meet you where you are with the skills you already have. A job coach is supposed to help you do your job correctly and fit in at your job. If you don’t know a lot about technology, it might me we can guide you to choose a service that will let you learn the things you’d like to learn before coming to us for job coaching.

    • Who are you guys?

IDEATE is a collection of creative people of diverse backgrounds dedicated to community inclusion using employment and technology as a way to get that accomplished. Collectively, we have 30 years of experience supporting individuals with social and occupational barriers to overcome.

    • How much money will I get?

Choosing IDEATE to do your job coaching means that we will help you first find a job and then keep the job you find. It is the law that you make at least $7.25 for every hour worked once you find a job. That means that for every hour a person goes to their job, they are paid at least $7.25/hour. Some people we work with work on projects rather than per hour. This means that IDEATE will support them to learn to price the work they do, record and track the money they earn and interact with the group or person for whom they are doing the work.

    • Will you give me a ride to work?

No, we sure won’t. But we can help you learn how to get to work on your own. This is called ‘travel training’. Learning how to get around increases your control over your own life.

    • I heard it takes a long time to get a job. Is that true?

It depends. It can but that depends on you and the support you need. Getting a job is a job.

    • How does working effect my benefits?

It’s true. Working will effect your benefits. It’s important to get a benefits analysis from Social Security so you know exactly what will happen. But this shouldn’t discourage you from wanting to work.

    • What kind of jobs could I get?

IDEATE focuses on job in science and technology so as you might have guessed, working with us isn’t for everyone. Some people dream of a job in technology or science (the ‘S’ and the ‘T’ of STEM jobs) and we think that it’s important to support individuals with disabilities to be included.

But really, it’s all about your dreams and where you want to go. 




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