Alonzo Troy Humphrey, Artist

Please join me for my one-person art show and sale, SCORE!!!

When: Sunday, December 11th, 10:00am – 3:00pm

Where: Sherman Mills, 3502 Scotts Lane, Philadelphia, PA 19129

What: Drawings, prints, art cards, greeting cards, portraits and more… for $20.00 or less. Please, cash only.

Why: I have an abundance of drawings and prints that I need to get to good homes to make room for new artwork.

Who: “My name is Alonzo Troy Humphrey. I am an artist. I am from Chattanooga, Tennessee. I used to draw at home when I was young, my mother was a great influence on me and she taught me to love drawing. I have lived in Philadelphia since 1980. I like to draw people and landscapes from my imagination mostly, people and things that I remember. . I like my pictures to be sold. I like the people who buy my pictures. I sell them at a nice price. I like the comfort you give me when you like my pictures.”

Alonzo Troy Humphrey, Artist

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Under $100

Alonzo Troy Humphrey, Artist

Alonzo Troy Humphrey, Artist at Off the Wall Gallery at Dirty Frank’s,

Under $100.00 Art Show and Sale

Alonzo Troy Humphrey has two spectacular drawings juried into the 12 Annual Juried Exhibition at Off the Wall Gallery at Dirty Frank’s, corner of 13th Street and Pine Streets, Philadelphia, PA., 19107

“We are Philly’s pioneering alternative art space, since 1978. Our space is small. Our artists are mighty. Our community keeps growing.” – Off the Wall Gallery at Dirty Frank’s

Alonzo Troy Humphrey, Artist

Chief Teefie, marker on Strathmore paper, 2016, Alonzo Troy Humphrey at Off the Wall Gallery at Dirty Frank’s

Chief Teefie is an African Chief who lives near the ocean. He is twenty-six years old. Chief Teefie is getting ready to go hunting but first he’s hungry for some grapes.” – Alonzo Humphrey

The Dirty History of Franks, in a shot glass:

  • Dirty Frank’s opened its doors as “Franks” on November 8th 1933, and was owned by Lou Silverman.
  • Prohibition was repealed Dec. 5th 1933 (how did Lou know?).
  • Frank Vigderman was the second owner. Apparently due to his hygiene, the name “Dirty Franks” was born.
  • John Segal was the third owner from 1959-1978. He tried to change the name to the “347 bar” but it never really stuck. In August of 1965 Dirty Franks was closed for 45 days as penalty for serving minors. John took the opportunity to tear down the dividing wall between the two rooms and to build the horseshoe-shaped bar that we still have today.
  • Jay McConnell became the fourth owner from 1978-2011. He completely embraced and embodied the Dirty Franks persona.
  • The Off the Wall gallery was launched in 1979 by by Jay with Mary Liz, Bunky Devichios, and Phil Sumpter.
  • Since 2011,  Dirty Frank’s is owned by Brad Pierce and Jody Sweitzer, two longtime employees of the “institution”.

There you have it. And, as they say, much is still to be written…

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