Ideate  & Create: We Love You, Dirty Franks!

Ideate & Create: We Love You, Dirty Franks!

Recent Winter Shows have transported us to sunnier climes. This year we find the warmth close to home — in a partnership we are very proud to feature.

IDEATE and five of its artists are front and center as we raise the curtain on the 2018 Winter Show THIS THURSDAY, JANUARY 18, 7-10 PM. Some of the artists, their families and their job coaches will be in attendance, but most importantly, this extraordinary program is in the spotlight. Our audiences need to discover their important work through the artists they nurture and empower.

An inclusive employment organization of Resources for Human Development, IDEATE connects individuals facing barriers to long-term, fulfilling jobs. A number of clients are immensely talented artists, two of whom have contributed for years to OFF THE WALL shows and earned distinguished reputations:
* In 2011, JAMEIR ANDREWS won the highest accolade we bestow each year, the Mary-Rowe Memorial Jury Prize.
* ALONZO TROY HUMPHREY has been juried into five of our shows, headlined a sixth, STAY THIRSTY, has accrued numerous sales and won a jury award last year in RESIST.

Our jury for the 2017 renewal of UNDER $100 were the ones who discovered DWAYNE BOONE, and he comes right back with a tour de force of paintings and linocut prints, while two brand-new artists join him. TYRIKE BROWN and ORANIT SOLOMONOV bring to life our 3D case with clothesline installations of handmade cards, and ORANIT also offers a head-turning display of her versatility, with paintings and mixed-media work on the Wall.

In all, our 2018 Winter Show, which is sure to brighten anyone’s day, shows us how one career development program can illuminate lives, instilling them with purpose and a way forward. While the wordmark for this show prints the “8” of ID8 standing up, note that IDEATE’s logo has the 8 on its side — the infinity sign. How appropriate. There are no limits anymore to what these artists can do.

We look forward to seeing you Thursday for drinks, light hors d’oeuvres, good times and great art!

Togo Travalia
at Dirty Frank’s
NE Corner, 13th & Pine Streets
Philadelphia, PA 19107
(215) 732-5010 (bar)
(484) 357-6440 (cell)
Celebrating 40 years of revolutionary art this December.