Consider Us Schooled.

Consider Us Schooled.

Consider us schooled. Thought 2016 was a doozy? Welcome to 2020.

Many people latched on to ‘dumpster fire’ as a colorful, evocative expression to verbalize their feelings that a year or situation was shaping up to be a catastrophic one.

What was it exactly about 2016? 2016 year had been the hottest year on record, but it wasn’t just high temperatures that people will remember — Americans had to handle a fiery, contentious election, and people around the world experienced violent, political strife. It seems fitting, then, that ‘dumpster fire’ was selected as the phrase of the year for 2016. We’ve learned that 2016 was merely a warm up for 2020.

To say that our lives have changed profoundly would be an understatement. No one has the training nor were we prepared to envision that we’d be locked down in our homes. Be kind, IDEATORs. Wear your mask. Wash your hands and hang on. We’ll get you back to work soon enough. Our most important mission right now is that our members and staff are safe and healthy. Reducing risk and preventing contagion are job one. In the meantime, be kind. Pull together. We need each other more than ever. And remember, We Love You More than Robots.

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