Available Merchandise

Original artwork and handmade crafts

Artwork by Oranit Solomonov: Her work is colorful and vibrant, expressing a variety of interests including animals and air planes, as well as her strong Jewish identity.

Kevin’s Kreations: Handmade soy candles, lip balm and beard balm

Artwork by Alonzo Humphrey: Alonzo specializes in drawing landscapes and people from memory. Alonzo does commissions and his prints are often turned into journal covers.

G Fresh Emporium: Founded by George Shands, George sells packs of incense, and air fresheners that come in 6 different scents.

Artwork by Jameir Andrews: His drawings are driven by a love of symmetry and intensive layering and by his need for an outwardly unplaceable sense of completion. While his mixed-media drawings are often entirely pattern-based, Jameir’s figurative work focuses primarily on abstract elements.

Taiku by Tyrike Brown. Tyrike is an artist and poet. He creates greeting cards that feature his haikus, and stickers.

Deweese White Designs. Deweese makes a variety of customized apparel including T-Shirts, Sweatshirts, Hats, Socks, and Tote Bags. Every item is unique and infused with Deweese’s signature style.

The Boonie Groove by Dwayne Boone. Dwayne creates prints and paintings that are often inspired by pop culture icons. Dwayne does commissions to make anyone’s vision come to life!